The Transformation Journey Course

Stop Violence or Abuse in Your Relationship

You can stop causing harm in your relationships. Violence and abuse not only hurt your loved ones, they hurt you. The Transformation Journey course will help you get to the source of your actions so you can make permanent change.

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What you should know

Taylor, TN

“This course is so engaging and helpful! It’s easy to use yet rich with excellent content.”

Leah, MI

“The material really helped me understand what was at the source of my actions. Once there, change was much easier.”

Donte, CA

“This turned my life and relationship around. I now feel prepared to handle conflict in a much better way.”

Greg, CO

“I learned so much! I wish I would have known this information years ago, but I’m grateful I know it now.”


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This course is 100% free because we don’t believe cost should prevent anyone from getting help with this issue. There are no hidden costs or future obligations, and we won’t try to sell you anything later.

We’ve designed the course to be intuitive, plus there is a tutorial video at the beginning on the course homepage and a link to support if you get stuck.

We will never sell or share your information with third parties. You can read our privacy policy here.

The course is an interactive, multi-media program that includes video, text, reflection questions, and a discussion forum to fully immerse you in your change process.

Because the course is all online, you can take it wherever you are, whenever you have time. 

The course is divided into sessions and topics that you can complete at your own pace, whether you have 5 hours or 5 minutes available. You can also return to previous topics if you want to revisit something. 

The course is designed to guide you through your change process from start to finish, covering 10 major units, over 100 topics, and 21 reflection quizzes on everything from avoiding rage to addressing communication issues.

The course is based on proven psychological models such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance-Commitment Therapy (ACT), as well as leading research on communication, trauma, behavioral change, motivation, and more.

What You’ll Learn

Here’s a more in-depth look at the course contents. 

The Source of Actions

Why sheer willpower, or tips like “just stop” or “count to ten” don’t work, but awareness of emotions and thoughts does.

Stepping Out of Conflict

How to recognize when you’re losing emotional control and apply the brakes before you do something you’ll regret.

Disconnecting Buttons

Discover the situations that often cause big reactions and change behavior by reducing your sensitivity to them.

Distorted Thinking

See how to stop perceiving others’ words and actions as much more threatening than they really are.


Uncover the self-beliefs behind all kinds of unhealthy behaviors that don’t serve you well–and learn how to correct them.

Mindfulness & Acceptance

Learn techniques to get unhooked from the unhelpful thoughts that keep you stuck and prevent an abundant life.

Difficult Partners

All partners are difficult sometimes. Learn how to respond well even when your mate is not making it easy.


Why boundaries are key to a healthy relationship and how to make sure you and your partner don’t overstep them.


Find out four communication problems that cause trouble and learn four tools to get your dialogue back on track.

The Path Ahead

Explore natural questions about your future: How do you know you’ve changed? How do you keep growing? And more.


What role, if any, can spirituality play in a person’s change? See how a relationship with God can help your journey.


We learn better by applying new ideas, not just listening or reading. Reflection questions help you to fully engage. 

A Sneak Peek on the Inside

Wondering what the course is like? 

We made this video just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, it takes about 18 hours to complete the entire course. You can, of course, break that into smaller units of time, then return when it is convenient for you to do more. 

See the “What You’ll Learn” section above.

Each session and topic builds on the previous, so you need to complete them in order. You can, however, return and review any section you completed previously.

Yes. We collect your name and email address, but we will never share that information with others. You can read our privacy policy here.

Nothing. All our resources are free. We don’t want the cost to prevent anyone from getting the help they need.

No. There is nothing to buy and no catch. We’re not going to try to sell you anything later, either. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so we’re not here to make money or sell anything to anyone. Our only goal is to help stop domestic violence and abuse.

It depends upon your jurisdiction. Check with your attorney or public defender to be sure. If it doesn’t count, we’d encourage you to consider taking our course alongside your court-approved program anyway. The more tools you have, the faster and deeper your transformation.

If you request it, we can provide a letter stating your progress in the course or a certificate of completion at the end. You can also download and/or print your answers to each reflection quiz, as well save the assignments at the end of each session, to show your progress.

Be sure to watch the “How to navigate this course” video on the course homepage. It should answer many of your questions. If you still have a question, there is a “Contact Us” link in the footer you can use if you are still having have technical difficulties.

Our focus is on helping the person causing harm (the perpetrator) to change their behavior.

Both. We know domestic abuse is not a gendered issue. Both men and women can and do cause harm in relationships, and both can be harmed.

Yes. Domestic abuse affects people from all walks of life and is not specific to any gender or sexual orientation. We’ve taken care to make sure the course speaks to everyone, no matter their identity.

Yes. We help people stop hurtful behavior–whether it is emotional or physical abuse. We find that both have the same root cause, so therefore the solution is the same.

Absolutely. Mutual abuse is present in 40-60% of abusive relationships. We focus on what each individual needs to do to “clean up their side of the street”. We also talk about how to best respond when your partner is being difficult so you are not making the situation worse.

We share evidence-based concepts designed to help people who want to stop harming the ones they love. This includes psychological models like CBT and ACT, as well as other tools and techniques shown to improve emotional control and maintain successful relationships.

Both are good options and cover similar content. This course is great if you prefer working by yourself at your own pace, or if our group meetings don’t fit your schedule. The 10-week Group experience is best if you like learning from others in your same situation, or if you prefer the discipline of 10 scheduled meetings.

We always encourage participants to work with a good counselor if they have access to one. This course is intended to compliment individual counseling, so that each experience builds on and enhances the other. However, we do understand that not everyone can access counseling–in which case this course should still provide you with a solid foundation for your change journey.

Sure! Send an email to or use the Contact Us form (there’s a link to it in the footer). We will reply as soon as possible.

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